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Button Rings Tutorial ☻

1 May


I thaught for my first tutorial I would do something quirky, quick and easy. And I decided on button rings 🙂 there are step by step photo’s to help you through but if anyone is stuck, please post a comment and I will get back to you…

1. Start by collecting all your materials, you will need…

Some Fabric Scissors,  Buttons (about 3 but it is up to you!), Needle and matching thread, and a whole load of creativeness!

2. Measure round your finger that you will want your ring on , I chose my right index finger which measured 6cm, then you add on an extra centimetre for seam allowance, so totalling 7cm.

3. Measure the length on your elastic, then do a clean straight cut with your scissors to get the needed length.

4. Pin your elastic so that it fits arround your finger snuggly, don’t worry if it is a bit tight- this is the whole reason for using elastic – it can stretch. Then thread up your needle with your cotton and knot it at the end.

5. Do a few neat stitches to secure your elastic and finish off in the usuall way.

6.  Now comes the fun bit- choosing your buttons – as you can see I had a tough choice on my hands! I decided to go for reds but multicolour works great aswell! I chose 3 buttons but you can have as many as you want!

7.  When you have your buttons, thread up your needle again and we are going to sew the buttons on to the elastic one at a time to make sure they are nice and secure.

8. Once your base button is secure you can sew the next one on top carrying on with this process. And once you are finished secure with a couple of knots underneath.

(With 2 Buttons 🙂 )

9. Viola! You have your button ring! A gorgeous piece of jewellery that I am sure you will all get compliments for! And I would love to see  your pictures!

( I painted my nails with british flags for the royal wedding! )

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I would love to hear any feedback in the comments and feel free to email me with questions or photo’s …

love becky xx